C U L T U R A L hall

c u r a t e d by // W h i t H e r t f o r d

f i l m s| d e s i g n | m u s i c

// passage //
// brick //

from an afternoon w/ the spendid lad, @jordanmichaelblake 

// comfort //

homemade Brazilian pastel (with bananas and hazelnut chocolate) made by our temporary host & the incomparable felix

// in //

// St. //
// hogwarts //

i feel very gryffindor here. and by that I mean lucky and surrounded by untold magic. 

#east15  (at East 15 Acting School)
// will //

ended Hae’s bday here. and at the interval we lucked out with remarkable seat

marvelled all night at my current surroundings: so fortunate to receive  new purpose and direction… grateful. 

inevitable that tears will roll down my face at bows. I get goosebumps. the smell of the theatre’s history, the collective experience an audience can go through together, the tangible passion communicated from live performance, the attention to story and character - I missed it so. glad to be back to the work that feeds me most. 

oh and this lovely show: a stellar adaptation. such a great surprise.   (at Noël Coward Theatre)
// august //

{ image courtesy of Ben Allred photography @benji_allred }
// shapes //

the adherence to cutting edge and and overall aesthetics of this theatre has always thrilled me. 15 yrs ago I would bury myself in obsessing online over it’s seasons poster designs and graphics. I’ve ripped a tremendous amount off from the National and im proud to say that.
// inspiration //

each theatre i walk into, I get chills.

stuck around to gaze a bit. 

"and now let’s go hand in hand,
not one before another.”
 - dromio

#thecomedyoferrors (at Globe Theatre)
// o r i g i n s //

entered today… (at Globe Theatre)
// delicacies // 

six flavours, one cone. impossibly great.  (at Amorino Covent Garden)
// new //

met wonderful new allies today. getting our footing. landing.


pc: @heyimhae  (at Soho)
// red fox //

we walk for hours. hand in hand. 

her surroundings suit her. happy to see her breathe.
// residence // (at Shoreditch High Street)